Rivermaid Border Collies - where it all began!

Over the past 20 years I have had the pleasure of Sharing my life with our Border Collies. I was a child that had "the knack" with animals and was always caring, training and nurturing animals. My first ever Border Collie I had was back in the early 80's she was called Scampi. When we found rescued her she had been beaten & miss treated badly (because she didn't work) had a broken rib and was hand shy before i got her.

So began the task of training her to trust me. Her training was All based on positive reinforcements with lots of love and compassion. I would of been around 12 yrs old then. I was an adult when she passed away and this was when Rivermaid Border Collies was founded back in 1994. I was lucky to purchase Tia and then a few years later Nicki.

(There photo is in the above slide show)

" ....I pride myself in keeping the focus on temperament, sound body, health, and mind...."

Specialising in Red Border Collies - We are producing a range of depth of colours ranging from a 

Pale Light Cream (sometimes called wheaten) to a Dark Rust Red,  of course the Traditional Black & Whites.

Each litter we have a combination of both colours. 

We don't know what we will get until the pups are born.

 But we do know that we have the correct %  to produce the red colour, and still a 

high % to produce the lovely Classic Black and white.

All pups are wormed, vet checked, vaccinated C3 and Micro chipped .

Each Puppy comes with a six week health insurance policy through Pet Plan.

They are registered on the limited register with the Royal Canine Council.  You'll receive the registration papers and all microchip information. Also included in the puppy pack is, their health card & worming time table, meal requirements and Puppy Handy Hints.

These puppies can never develop CL, CEA or TNS parents are 

DNA tested to ensure pups can never be affected.

Hip and Elbow scoring is also part of our Breeding Management Plan.

  Also included in the puppy pack is information on the breed of the Border Collie, their health card & meal requirements. Receive a Advance Starter Puppy Pack.
Once the pups are born, we start viewings from weeks 4 to 5.
 This is when I go through the Selection Process.

We welcome any inquiries, please contact us through our Contact Us page.

Temperament & Personality

  • When you meet our dogs you can see their level of tolerance and love is amazing,  They interact very well in the family environment, In fact they thrive on it.
  • It is very important that if you are looking to bring a working dog breed as the Border Collie into your family home that they ARE  treated as one of the family members And ARE  included in all the day to day activities and outings.  

We get countless reports back from owners on how even temperament the pups are and what very confident demeanor.

Rest Assure

  • I am interested in my dogs as they grow up, so I offer any help or advise that I can help you with, with your new family member.
  • If by some chance your life style or circumstances change, or your pup is not fitting in with your family, then I request you to contact me to organise returning your Pup/ Dog back to me. There is no way that I could stand one of my progeny going to  pound.     I get many enquirers and have the right contacts to find a new suitable forever home.